Valentine Survivors

May The Best Pair Win


Valentine Survivors


Welcome to the Island!


Welcome to Valentine Survivors! The purpose of this Wikia-RP is well, Love! You may submit characters, that will be sorted into two groups. Different from regular Survivor is, that inside these groups, you will receive a partner to bunk with, and in most cases work with. You, your partner, and tribe must work to eliminate other players from the opposing tribe. Once half of the characters are eliminated, the tribes and partners are reshuffled. The winner of this Wikia-RP, will be given 2 new abilities, that correspond to their element.

We Are On: The Intro

The Intro: In the beginning of the school year, students were encouraged to sign up to an Elemental Reality TV Show. At the end, 20 students were chosen. These 20 students, were mailed a letter to a ball. Their mission? Find their partner, and team, before going on their phones, and submitting the task. The task? Come up with a group name. However, everyone in the group, must agree to the task. They must also, sign their name,online,on the submission, to be turned in. The first group to do this, will be granted an advantage on the first day.

The theme of the ball(Yes, you must post a link to the character's outfit, in the RP page): Couture Fashion.

The ball is RP'ed here