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The Intro(Characters and Chosen Outfits) Theme: Couture

The Intro(RP)

The Groups

Group #1:

  1. Miquel and Emily
  2. Sasha and Terren
  3. Cliffe and Rachel
  4. Ethan and Sienna
  5. Selene and Dustin

Group #2:

  1. Lukas and Diane
  2. Cassandra and Chris
  3. Harry and Alex
  4. Canaan and Iva
  5. Aria and Branton

The Ball

The students were driven to the ball in different limos, their reactions varying. Sasha was poised, and emotionless; Selene posting selfies, on her ElementalBook; and Emily a bundle of nerves, though she appeared calm on the outside.

The ride was only a couple of minutes, and the contestants stepped out. They were isolated from the other contestants, with only a door for them to see. From what they can make out, the ball was being hosted in a huge palace, with a display of luxury on every corner.

Grasping the handle of the door, they opened it. Some smiled excited, others were horrified, and yet some were uncertain about this. The royalty of the Elemental Kingdoms were all gathered in this room, wearing absurd outfits, to some, yet admirable to others. One wore a pale, lace, silk dress, with horns as her accessory, and a veil similar to her dress on top of the horns. Another wore, a billowing dress, similar to bubbles.

While in their respective limos, the contestants were given their group members and partners. Their mission in this ball? Find their group members, and come up with a group name. However, they must all agree to the name. One disagreement, and the group name is still undecided. In addition, they may use their time to talk with the Royalty, in order to gain favor outside of the Ball. Whatever their choice is, it will affect them.

RP Below, Use Post!

Emily: Emily was having a hard time focusing on the palace before them. She was too nervous to even give it a second thought, she just walked through like the others.

Selene: Stepping out of the limo in her dazzling red rose dress, Selene smiled that splendorous smile of hers towards everyone, knowing for sure that both Sasha and her were the ones that obviously looked the best. Besides Dustin... and well, Harry, who always looked gorgeous. At least to Selene.

Sasha: Sasha stepped out of her limo, the cameras already blinding her as she set her gaze on the palace. She hated the group she was placed in;her only comfort was knowing Selene would be part of it. Knowing her group however, they would be a force to be reckoned with. If only they had a compatible group name..

Harry: Harry was already seated with a group of people, chatting about the old times, when he saw Selene enter the building. Enraptured by her, he subtly excused himself, before sneaking up behind Selene, and shocking her.

"Boo!" He joked, as he slid his arms around her waist. "How do I look?"

Selene: "Harry!" she purred sexily, laying her hands on his, that were wrapped on her waist, she turned her head back to face Harry, and a genuine smile painted her face, "You look pretty decent," she half-lied.

Terren: Irritably, Terren waltzed into the ball, searching for in his opinion the worst human being alive; Sasha Petrova, The Queen Bee. If The Elemental Academy was People Magazine, she would always be on the cover. This fact only irritated Terren. She was a jerk, manipulated her own cousin, and was cold hearted-literally. Perhaps part of Terren's irritation was due to the fact that he had to dress up nicely. Not nicely, but in a horrible manner like at Sasha's party to ruin it, but actually nice. He always dressed casual, which Terren wouldn't do unless forced. With a frown stamped upon his face, Terren walked around the party, searching for Sasha for the sole purpose of trying to win.

Diana: Despite Diana's fancy limo and elegant dress the photographers didn't pay much attention to her due to some of the other students being royalty, which Diana didn't mind. She was never one to love the spotlight anyways. As she slowly made her way toward the beautiful palace Diana examined the building and the other students who were arriving. Once inside the young girl caught a quick glimpse of Sasha and sent her a small wave and smile before continuing to explore. Not sure just what to do Diana simply stood there with her hands locked in front of her and waited patiently.

Branton: Branton arrived to the ball via a black limousine. His curly blonde locks were all over the place, but he didn't care. Most people awed over his hair. He adorned a fully black suit, which looked smart on him. He also wore his fire pendant. As soon as he arrived, he sighed. He sighed especially at the sight of the other royals, but he made sure to sigh quietly, so the others didn't hear him. "And now I wait for Aria." He thought to himself.

Aria: Stepping out in the limo, Aria almost tripped over her own feet. Not one for Dances, unless they were parties that did not include looking like a formal stuck up, she kept a fake smile all the way up the stairs into the ball. Ugh, what is this place? Royal Central? she asked herself. Looking away from the horrid hall, she spotted Branton and was careful not to trip as she ran over to him.

Harry: "Just decent?" He smirked sexily, as he questioned her jokingly. "I would have thought, you had better opinions on my looks!"

Glancing around, he spotted Branton, and his eyes darkened considerably. Clearing his throat, he guided Selene away from Branton's line of vision.

"Why don't you make up to me, buy accompanying me throughout this place."

Branton: Branton did managed to spot Selene and Harry. He just rolled his eyes at Harry's attempts to make sure that Selene didn't spot him. "Worry not Petrova, I'm with someone new." He thought to himself, before paying his attention to Aria. "Are you okay, dear?" He asked.

Selene: "What's wrong with being just decent?" She smirked, "How do I look? Decent too? Regardless of that matter, I am sure I can make it up to you that way. As of now, that is. I'm afraid that as soon as Dustin spots me, I must leave you as soon as possible."

Ethan: I arrive late, as usual. I look around, but cant seem to find my fair lady. "Sienna?" I call out, looking for my date.

Sienna: Walking around the ball clumsily but with grace nonetheless, Sienna happened to stumble upon Ethan as he asked for her. "Oh, uh, I'm here!"

Aria: Resisting the urge to gag, she slowly nodded. "This place disgusts me, everything is too fancy."

Dustin: After he stepped out of thr limo, Dustin didn't bother looking for Selene. For some reason, he had a hunch she was with someone she wasn't. But she was a duchess, so really, it wasn't his concern. Hands in his pockets, he kept his head low, trying to ignore society and how up tight the place looked.

Branton: "I understand how you feel. I don't get why the Academy goes all big and fancy with these things sometimes."

Harry: Harry became annoyed at Selene at that moment. He was spending time with her, while he could be spending time with anyone else, and maybe even with his team. "Why don't you leave now?" He snarkily snapped back, his hands dropping from her waist. "I have someone talk to." Harry left Selene, still standing there, as he walked over to the bar, where conveniently Diana was. "Hey," He bluntly said, before ordering some whiskey.

Sasha: Sasha walked around the palace, socializing with many royals, she became fond with, and avoiding some people. Unfortunately, she couldn't avoid Terren for long. "Watch it!" She snapped, as she bumped into Terren, by accident. "Oh god," She rolled her eyes, crinkling her nose in distaste of his outfit. "It's you."

Alexander: Excitedly, he walked down the limo, sure he'd have a slight advantage at making the Royals like him since he had Harry. He noticed his handsome lover in the bar. Walking swiftly towards him, Alexander had a smirk on his face before, sitting next to him and speaking. "Hey Harry!"

Terren: Terren, who gave a smug grin at Sasha bellowed so everyone could hear, "Sahsa, hello! How are you? Oh is that a zit? Oh my, you should have worn more cover-up." Many people grinned and snickered, including the photographers heading their way. "Oh look Sasha, reporters!", he said, pulling her close, side hugging her, one hand around her, pulling her close, and the other pointing towards her non existent zit that would be the talk of the kingdom in The Feudal Inquirer. "Say cheese!", he said, flashing a cheesy grin heavily contrasting against Sasha's disturbed expression.

Diana: As Diana was deep in her own thoughts, she jumped when a male voice brought her out of them. "Oh hey..." She said simply and sat on the seat next to Harry. Not necessarily to continue speaking but, because she was getting tired of standing. After a few minutes of silence from the two, a younger boy suddenly appeared next to Harry. The boy seemed familiar but, Diana couldn't quite place where she had met him. With the arrival of Alexander, Diana continued to stay quiet as she sat on the other side of Harry, taking small sips from a glass of wine that rested in her hand.

Lukas: Lukas walked with confidence, in the palace. His platinum hair, and his floral suit, made the female Royals swoon at the sight of him. Of course, this was a common occurrence for him, and he sighed internally. They were all the same to him. Spotting his partner at the bar, he decided to walk over, and acquaintance himself with her, though he had his suspicions of how she would be like.

Harry: "Um, hey." Harry tentatively said, unsure how he knew him. Then again, he was a royal, and everyone was bound to know of him. "Do I know you?" He bluntly asked, taking a sip of his whiskey, as he examined Alex.

Sasha: Her eyes dangerously flashed blue, as her hand automatically went to go find the said "zit". "Nice try, Terren." She venomously spat out, as she glared at the other Royals in warning. Even though they were the same rank as her, they all knew not to cross her, or face the consequences. The Water Kingdom, was very influential, and the fact that she was next in line, after Harry, seemed to make them hold their tongue. "Though, I'm pretty sure if the Feudal Inquirer, published that, they would find themselves out of business." She smirked, in victory. "Don't test me." She whispered threateningly, before flipping her hair at him, and walking away, capturing everyone's attention at the sway of her hips.

Branton: Not bothering to pay attention to the current situation nearby, Branton casually got himself and Aria a drink.

Miquel: In his pretty ice blue suit, Miquel walked around, even if he was partially shy, his face and poise said otherwise, as they gave him an air of can almost faux arrogant confidence. With his hair slightly slicked at the back, he walked towards the bar and asked for a dry martini. Hopefully that would take some stress out of him. Doing so, he spotted a guy with platinum hair but decided to dismiss him from the moment, not wanting to have anything more on his mind.

Alexander: Alexander was immediately taken aback, and he feared that what Sasha had said in the party had become true. Back then, he'd thought it was just a joke that Harry would lose his memories, but they apparently had. "Uh, it is me. Alexander. " Maybe he's just joking... "C'mon babe, knock the act off," Alexander laughed nervously, clearly scared.

Diana: Realizing the awkward situation that was about to unfold between Harry and Alex, Diana took this chance to leave. With one swift motion Diana had now slid off her seat and turned towards the people, who roamed around the Ball. The young lunar elemental still hadn't seen her partner amongst these people and to say the least she was a bit nervous. She had never met this boy or who he even was. Suddenly a flash of platinum caught Diana's eye causing her to look over and spot a man, who greatly resembled the description of her partner she was given before coming here today. "Here we go...." Diana said quietly to herself as she began walking in his direction.

Harry: Harry chuckled, before placing his whiskey cup on the counter. "I don't act." He bluntly said, meeting him in the eye. "Look, you clearly think you know me," Harry harshly said, his mood dampened by Selene. "But I think otherwise."

Lukas: Lukas eyed the girl approaching him, while his finger played with the tip of his scotch cup. "Hey," He coolly said, when she arrived. "You're not what I expected."

Terren: Terren spat out some of the hair that had whipped into his mouth when Sasha whipped it at him. Not wishing to lose, Terren rushed to catch up with before before angrily saying, "Hey, we are in a competition. Do you mind like, not leaving me, your partner? Now, I seriously suggest we think up a team name. I came here to win, as I'm sure you did as well.", he blatantly said.

Alexander: "Harry- I- We-" Alexander stopped and leaned in to Harry's ear not seductively or anything. Just informatively. "We have made love more than three times..." Alexander whispered, hoping Harry wouldn't punch him. "Besides, I think we're partners..."

Diana: She gave a soft nod. "Your not exactly what i expected either..." She said extending her hand out to him. "I'm Diana Hollande and you are?" So far so good. Diana thought to herself.