If you have not noticed, we take our policies VERY seriously. This is to keep you safe and let everyone have fun. But if you fail to comply, you will face consequences.

Reasons for warnings/blocks

1. You have breached one of our policies (e.g. you have stolen a model that is in use - a breach of the Models and Images Rules).

2. You have displayed harassment (e.g. attacking someone's beliefs). This is one of our Wiki Rules.

3. You have edited a page or user page without the permission of the page's owner. This is another of our Wiki Rules.

4. Other reasons (e.g. inappropriate username).


Note: The consequences depend on what a user has done.

  1. A first-time offence will result in a warning.
  2. A second offence will result in a final warning.
  3. A third offence will land you a temporary block.
  4. Further offences will increase the block.

Exceptions to this are offenders of severe actions that are forbidden regardless (e.g. stalking). They will be banned immediately.