1. No harassment or bullying in any form or way. If you feel as though you are being harassed, please report it to one of the active admins. Harassment is not accepted and will be punished severely.
  2. No off-topic pages. If you make a page on this wiki, please have it stay on topic. Blog posts are not included in this. (See Character Policies)
  3. No spam. Spamming in threads, on message walls or in the comments of pages will grant you a warning. Next offense is a ban. Creating spam pages or blog posts will get you banned at once.
  4. No sockpuppeteering. A sockpuppet is defined as an account made by an already registered user, to post anonymously or under another identity. Although alternative accounts are acceptable, using one or multiple sockpuppets to escape a ban is not allowed and it will get you permanently banned.
  5. No swearing towards other users, especially in a derogatory manner. Doing so will also be classed as breaking the bullying/harassment rule.
  6. If you feel as though an admin or another user in power is abusing their rights, contact one of the active admins.
  7. Don't edit other people's pages without their explicit consent. Categories are not included in this, but do not add categories not in our Category Guide.
  8. Plagiarism, the act of stealing content from its original creator and marking it as your own, is heavily punished.
  9. Don't discuss things that may be triggering to some users (e.g. self-harm, suicide, rape, abuse, etc.).

Rules involving roleplays

  1. Sexual roleplays involving minors* are forbidden. However, sexual roleplays involving older characters that are of the legal age are permitted, but under one condition: they MUST NOT be graphic and a disclaimer needs to be given in an OOC message. 
*Minors are characters who are under the age of 16.
  1. Violent roleplays are allowed, but too much of it or graphic accounts of it is not encouraged.
  2. Cussing is allowed as well, but make sure to use it moderately. If you end up excessively cussing in a roleplay, try and use censors.
  3. We take all characters seriously on this wiki, and due to this, we do not allow troll characters.

What to do when someone is breaking the policy

  1. Make sure you actually have a case by reading the rules.
  2. Get screenshots if possible.
  3. Contact one of the active admins on their message walls.

Active Administrators

  1. TheRebelOfSlytherin (Audrey)
  2. The Targaryen of District 4 (Billie)