William Hastings

Child of the flames


Character Information
William "Hastings" Norwood is a Male Fire Elemental created by Time. Please do not use this character without his permission.

Full Name William "Hastings" Norwood
Nicknames Liam, Will
Current Age 18
Gender Male
Relationship Status Single
Sexuality Bisexual
Current Location The Elemental Academy
Dorm 17

Sibling(s) Roger Norwood
Other Relatives
Home Town Dublin

Model Alex Pettyfer
Gender Male
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Blonde
Height 6"1
Body Style Lean
Ethnicity Caucasian
Handedness Right
Shoe Size
Native Language English
Accent Irish but has a touch of Russian
Mental/Emotion Disorders none
Medical Issues none
More Images

Attitude Depends on his mood, can be a very bad one
Social Temperament Average
Bad Habits Draws on himself sometimes
Viewpoint on Life Life's a bitch
Fatal Flaw Pessimistic
Likes He likes to paint and sketch. He often plays music .
Dislikes He hates boats
Fears He's scared of belonging to someone
Hobbies Painting, Piano, Cello
Personal Motto 'Thoughts become who you are. Control them.'
Things He/She Won't Do Betray his friends
Most Admires Roger
Most Influenced By By the ship
Reaction to Crisis Thinks about it during the attack
Reaction to a Problem After a while
Reaction to Change He can adapt
Alignment Acadamy

Color Blue
Music Rap
Food Lasagna
Drink Gin and Tonic
Animal Wolf
Book Game of Thrones
Movie Lion King
Sport Baseball
Subject Art


General Status

Liam is the second oldest of the Norwood siblings but is rather cut off from them. His priority is moving on from The Modern Janissaries. Currently, Liam is residing at the Elemental Academy and is currently single, but has a crush on someone.

“Sometimes doing your best is not enough. Sometimes you must do what is required.”

History and Personality

William was the son of an air duke and a duchess, though his father was someone else. His father had the power over fire, among other things, and this is the power Liam was given. The duke and duchess had eight children together. Being the second eldest, it was often up to Liam to try and fend for his younger siblings as they grew older due to their mother dying of natural causes when he was little and his father was often out working late into the night then leaving in the early morning. He went by Will in this time.

When he was seven, the father decided to move to Moscow due to work. Not caring for Ireland, Will was apathetic towards the decision but enjoyed it better though he never confessed to it. When he was eight, he was walking to the shops around eight o'clock at night and was taken by thugs.

The thugs sold him to a cult where he stayed with for nearly seven years but eventually being placed onto a ship due to an act of betrayal against the cult. Because he was the smallest, he was picked on frequently. The other children would abuse him and tie him up so he could not get his two meals a day. However, this allowed him to realize that their captors had been drugging the food and drink. Soon Liam noticed the other kids going insane. Shortly after they began to go crazy, the ship ran into a storm and was destroyed, and he barely escaped with his life as he had grabbed a piece of driftwood. Drifting onto the coast of some Island he walked inland to find food and collapsed from exhaustion before he was found by a young woman named Jane, who took him to her little village. She claimed it was because she had a younger brother and sister about his age and couldn't bear to see him starve to death.

Jane took him in and added him to her family of four, including her younger twin siblings, Michael and Georgina, and the grandfather, this was when he changed his name to Liam. He lived with them for a period; he often spent time reading and properly learning how to fight. He thought about trying to return to his original family, but all he had to do was look at the scars on his back to know they wouldn’t be able to recognize him. During this time, he grew to care for them and wanted to find a way - legal or not - to repay them. Later on, Jane fell in love with a man, named Damien, who gave her "nutritional supplements" as the twins were rather sick but they couldn't pay for the medication, so she readily accepted into her life, and mixed it in with her food.

Liam strongly advised her "I'll do something about the money, so don't see that guy anymore!" because he didn't trust him or the 'supplements', and even Michael had begun to suspect something. Jane was touched by his kindness but refused, saying that if it was just her, then she couldn't protect her family. Jane was later killed by Damien, who murdered her because she let Michael take Georgina's piece of the supplement. After this Liam left the village to start his life of crime without telling anyone why. At one point, Michael went after him to convince him to come back, but Liam threatened him and told him to leave.

Despite the bad memories it held, Liam determinedly stayed in their village. Liam's real goal was to get enough money to pay for the grandfather's hospital fees, but he did not tell the twins of this goal, causing many misunderstandings between them. Liam, however, considered it better this way as he would not have to worry about them getting hurt. Liam joined a band of thieves and began to rob corrupted people to pay off hospital bills for Jane's grandfather. He never said if he is rich because he gave a significant amount to support the sickly old man. Eventually, the grandfather died and not seeing a point to staying he bought a ticket to another country where he was found by the academy, and they knew his secret: fire.

He is quite an unhappy person and a bit of a pessimist but tends to look at the situation more on the logical and realistic side than the worst side of things. Though sometimes cautious, he goes into everything new head first without even considering what it might bring, as long as he thinks it is the correct thing to do, he'll do it.

Calm and nonchalant, he is the type of person to watch calmly by the corner of the room at the party but when he wants to he can be the life of the party, and people enjoy talking to him. He doesn’t care for things that don't directly affect him, some can say he is quite selfish because of this, but can just as easily kill people who intend the people he cares for harm. Though untrustworthy now, he use to be trusting to the point of it being ridiculous. He doesn’t care for life, though not waiting for it’s ending, he doesn’t particularly find it the most interesting thing.

"Letting go means to come to the realization that some people are a part of your history, but not a part of your destiny."

Roleplay Information

Special Skills His skills are being able to read a person and thinking on his feet
Strengths Strength, Willpower, Brave.
Weaknesses Short temper, Arrogance
Weapon(s) A sword and a knife
Quests Been On The Modern Janissaries

*Pyrokinesis - create, control, and manipulate fire.
  • Thermokinesis - create, control and manipulate heat.
  • Inflammation - ignite objects/spontaneous combustion.
  • Pyrotransportation - explode self and reform.

  • Diana Hollande:Has romantic feelings towards her but doubts it's returned and doesn't act upon it.
  • Roger Norwood:He's secretly jealous of him.

Liam Hastings - The Thorn

Character's Bio

Child of the flames

Age: 17

Height: 6"0


Sexuality Bisexual

Relationship Status: Single

Birth Place: Ireland

Main Weapon: Fire powers

Accent: mix of Irish and Russian

Each of us is born with a box of matches inside us but we can't strike them all by ourselves.



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William "Hastings" Norwood


"Each of us is born with a box of matches inside us but we can't strike them all by ourselves."

Credits to Tyler


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